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Building confidence in yourself and your handgun 

Handgun training for the new shooter.

My name is Jim Hughes. I began this business when a friend who teaches CHL classes told me that he often has students who want more instruction beyond the concealed handgun license because they felt there were not as comfortable or proficient as they wanted to be with their handgun. I have found that this is a common feeling among CHL holders.


I have been around firearms all my life and from the start I was taught how to handle them safely. This trend continued through my 22 years as a local Law Enforcement officer and 10 years as SWAT operator and trainer. I continue to learn and develop in my professional and personal life. I am a certified NRA instructor.

 I believe that training the public in the safe handling of firearms and helping them become more confident in themselves, and their ability is an important part of responsible gun ownership and helping to protect our 2nd Amendment freedom.

We offer handgun training for the new shooter and much more. We can train groups or just one person. We train men, women and youths. No matter your experience level you will find a safe no pressure environment where you will be challenged but will leave with a new confidence. Grab a friend and come learn something new!